Alternative access to text for optimum learning

I am currently on a mission to promote Bookshare which has accessible documents including audio for people who have been diagnosed with print disabilities. They are allowing FREE access for people who sign up (in the UK) before December for the year. This will allow many people to have a free taster and see if there is a better way of getting information other than reading with their eyes.I personally have used Audio for information and language development for the last 25 years it is what saved me from giving up education. Reading with my ears gave me the ability and motivation to gradu

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We need to share this message in order to reach as many as possible. 


What I found is school dose not allow to to work out the best way for you to learn just wants everyone to learn in the same way, which is not realistic and is not always the best way for readers who struggle with accessing text.


Reading with your ears can just be a better way for you with or without reading difficulties. 


See on Scoop.itDyslexicIT


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