All About Me

Justine Flower has a Masters Level Diploma in Literacy and Dyslexia. Sheis currently working as a consultant on Load2Learn (a Department of Education funded project, delivered by Dyslexia Action with RNIB). Concurrently she is working on a UK research project to evaluate the use of alternate formats through assistive technology in schools by young people with dyslexia. Since commencing on Load2Learn, Justine has developed and delivered CPD courses for Dyslexia Action on the use of assistive technology to support all print-disabled students, as well as providing advice to schools on the best solutions for individual learners.

Justine’s teaching career started 20 years ago as a Lecturer and Course Director at an FE College, teaching sport studies and also SEN study skills  An experienced practitioner, she has expertise with very diverse groups and all age ranges throughout the education sector; advising teachers, parents and DSA trainees on approaches to teaching students who live with dyslexia.

Justine’s holistic method provides a multi-disciplined approach to assistive technology, with a proven ability to work with a broad target audience to deliver progressive results. These results ensure that technology remains relevant with the goal to bridge the gap between ability and difficulty while addressing remediation. Her method also empowers motivation and self-esteem, thus increasing productivity for the individual whilst delivering relevant feedback and ideas to enable class-leading product development.

Her success results from her professional understanding, empathy and ability to employ her personal experience, constantly updating knowledge of dyslexia, assistive technology, software and coping strategies. Having been diagnosed as dyslexic in her early twenties, Justine is an experienced user of assistive technologies developed over the past 22 years and is often involved in the user testing and evaluation of new products.

A regular speaker at events and conferences, often volunteering for her local BDA group, Justine also contributes to specialist publications on the topics of dyslexia and using IT to support learners. A strong advocate of direct access learning, she introduces assistive software and technology to parents and children through a variety of courses and information days targeted at dyslexic students. Justine also works with individuals and companies to assess dyslexia and IT literacy and to deliver effective assistive technology recommendations and training.


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