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Dyslexia could have defined my life. It didn’t.

Special ed, new in 1976, showed me how to cope with a left-right world In kindergarten, in East Texas, I did not like school. School was about learning to read and write. I could not spell “James.”…

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Still striving today to put against trying to get better at something which is the hardest thing for you to do – read with your eyes and write with a pen – when we could be enabling children to learn and demonstrate there knowledge through the medium that suits them best- for me that would be advances for special needs in education.

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Dyslexia: Top Natural Supplements for Treatment

Dyslexia: Top Natural Supplements for Treatment Dyslexia is a learning disability which impairs a child’s ability to read and write. It’s often diagnosed after the child starts school. Dyslexia sym…

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Supplements are great to address the balance but really we need to think about over all diet. it is not all about adding in supplements but creating a diet that supply these nutrients via whole foods. Coupled

with reducing the bad foods that it is so easy to overeat and buy if we follow the marketing that is promoting products.


And let us not forget that specific exercise can improve the ability of the brain to take on more information which is an excellent way to improve a dyslexics ability to take on information.


Reducing processed food will help – I know people find it difficult to do this for their family and children but it can be done my family are testament to this. I work with clients to improve their ability or their child’s ability to make learning the most efficient possible. so they spend less time but learn more faster, which is the DREAM of most dyslexic people.  The best result I have with people is the correct amount, which is dependent on the individual, of the following factors which enhances the ability to learn and most importantly their motivation to learn.

1. increase nutrient intake

2. reduce bad foods

3. implement strategic exercise for enhanced learning outcomes

4. using assistive technology to increase access to information.

5. emotional intelligence (some would argue the  most important)

6. rules of grammar and spelling


It is all about the individual creating an action plan that does includes address these all of  factors is vital to being able to function effectively with dyslexia. Interestingly  with the people I have worked with 1 to 5 have always showed a bigger fast more marked improvement than 6. Which is very interesting as most schools will put most of their time and finances into number 6 and neglect the 1-5.






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Alternative access to text for optimum learning

I am currently on a mission to promote Bookshare which has accessible documents including audio for people who have been diagnosed with print disabilities. They are allowing FREE access for people who sign up (in the UK) before December for the year. This will allow many people to have a free taster and see if there is a better way of getting information other than reading with their eyes.I personally have used Audio for information and language development for the last 25 years it is what saved me from giving up education. Reading with my ears gave me the ability and motivation to gradu

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We need to share this message in order to reach as many as possible. 


What I found is school dose not allow to to work out the best way for you to learn just wants everyone to learn in the same way, which is not realistic and is not always the best way for readers who struggle with accessing text.


Reading with your ears can just be a better way for you with or without reading difficulties. 


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C-Pen – Digital Highlighter

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I love this pen it is so versatile and can even copy off a computer screen as well as from print.

Well worth the money and from a functional perspective it is the best one that I have ever used, so far anyway.

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