Learning Logs Online — Sharing Good Practice in Personalised Learning

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Personalised learning and the development of Learning Logs

DyslexicIT‘s insight:

Came across this idea about 6 years ago but this shows some really good examples of work. I really like how the pupil drives their own knowledge about the subject, I believe it really keeps them motivated and engaged in their learning and brings richer subject knowledge back into the classroom to share in peer to peer learning sessions.

Great as a starter and very easy to do as an online log. 

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Livescribe :: Never Miss A Word

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Livescribe paper-based computing platform includes a smartpen, dot paper and software applications that changes the way people capture, use and share audio and visual information with pen and paper.

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ExamTime Home | Changing the way you learn.

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Transform your learning potential Improve your study with our specially designed software. Sign up now. It’s Free!

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Dyslexia: E-readers ‘more effective’

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Short lines of text increase reading speed and comprehension in some readers with dyslexia, research suggests.

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Many of the dyslexic students that I come across find this to be the case and this can be a great tool to personalise the look of your text to suit your needs.

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The Inclusive Class: Information Podcasts for anyone involved with SEN students

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DyslexicIT‘s insight:

Lots to chose from- keep in mind that these are American and the laws are different in Britian, but some good information here.

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